Continuous Integration for a development process of the information technology of remote monitoring and control




The current state of using CI/CD in commercial and open-source projects is analyzed. CI/CD pipelines are shown to be essential to the modern software development process, where they are used to configure workflows. Centralized and distributed approaches to building a software source code version control system are analyzed. For the web-oriented SCADA project, the choice and use of the version control system are justified. We provide concrete examples of using CI/CD that will allow ordinary developers, not DevOps specialists, to take the first steps to configure workflows for their projects and provide basic steps for configuring task execution using the example of the build and test phase of the source code of a real project that uses several programming languages. Figs: 4. Refs. 20 titles.

Keywords: CI, CD, VCS, git, workflow, actions, building, testing, Agile.